Coho Creative, a brand strategy, innovation and design company based in Cincinnati, was looking for a fresh look. The creative directors encouraged their team of talented designers to submit many thoughtful and provocative branding ideas to showcase Coho’s distinctive positioning. After serious contemplation, the Coho partners chose to move forward with my following submission.

The redesigned logo is meant to express the unique duality Coho brings to its clients. Coho prides itself on delivering the exceptional caliber of design and strategy clients expect from a large consultancy firm. This is expressed in the precision and organization of the letterforms and enclosing shape. However, being a boutique design company, Coho identifies as a creative, flexible and personal firm, as demonstrated in the single blue “O” and the curved corner of the bounding box.

The proposed brand refresh leans heavily into a cornerstone of Coho’s new values: betterment. Coho hopes to continue fostering relationships with responsible brands who share its values and working to solve problems affecting the surrounding community. This may even take shape in a non-profit organization called Cohope. Every design decision made in this project stems back to the simple question: “what if?”

This brand refresh of Coho Creative is at the website.






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