Highwire Brand Studio is a competitive interdisciplinary capstone whose client was Speedway LLC for the Fall 2013 session. Speedway tasked three teams to increase engagement and loyalty in Speedway and Speedy Rewards among millennial consumers.

I served as an associate designer for the winning team which delivered complete renaming and rebranding, social media applications, and environmental and product design for Speedway’s coffee line, newly entitled “My Perfect Blend.”

During our in-store observations, our team noticed that coffee consumers exhibited a “mixing behavior,” meaning they combined flavored creamers and sweeteners beyond traditional cream and sugar to make the perfect coffee for their unique tastes. The campaign is meant to reflect this special behavior.


  • Coffeecup_front_V2
  • Coffeecup_back_V2

  • blendbarangle
  • Speedway app screens-01
  • Speedway app screens-04
  • Speedway app screens-03
  • Speedway app screens-02

Speedway Truck

ad without text PerfectBlendBillboard

My Perfect Blend window adsfacebook mockup imac

  • Blend Bar Instagram
  • Blend Bar Twitter_option1
  • fb ad

My Perfect Six_V2

My Perfect Mix

My Perfect Freeze


The contents of this portfolio were created for a marketing project sponsored by Speedway LLC. The contents including the food truck are entirely conceptual in nature, and do not represent actual Speedway programs or actual Speedway brands. My participation in the Speedwayproject was as a student, and not as an employee or contractor of Speedway. The contents of this portfolio are considered confidential bySpeedway, and may not be copied or distributed for any reason. Speedway has expressly authorized my use of the contents for the project itself, and for my own job search portfolio.