Root Eatery is a hypothetical restaurant designed and branded by Pano, the mock interdisciplinary firm I was a part of (learn more about Pano here). Pano was made up of a small group of graphic designers, interior designers, and architects all working together towards a common goal. Pano’s philosophy was to empower the client and maximize their potential through a strong exchange of ideas and creative processes. The overarching project of this experience was to design all aspects of a fictitious locally grown restaurant based in Cincinnati.

Root has adopted a farm to fork mantra: its ingredients are exclusively locally grown, and the process in which meals are prepared is completely transparent. Root‘s goal is to enhance the economic, environmental, and social health of the surrounding area while simultaneously creating a sense of community within the restaurant where patrons can connect with each other and their surroundings.

To further brand the restaurant as an interesting mixture of vintage and modern, we chose to marry organic elements with contemporary elements in the architecture, interior design, and graphic materials alike. I was a primary contributor to the design of both logos and was personally responsible for many print design pieces, including the dinner and drink menus and the business cards.





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Business Card Mockup 01

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