The theme for the 2014 Miami University BFA Graphic Design Thesis exhibition was Design for the Social Good. In other words, students were tasked with solving a prevalent social issue through design. Knowing that I wanted to start the next chapter of my life and my design career in a big city, I chose to center my thesis on relocation depression.

Adults in their twenties who relocate to new cities often have trouble becoming familiar with their surroundings and adapting to their new environment, which could lead to many physical and mental health problems. This generation is the most mobile and technologically savvy ever, however also the most likely to suffer from depression and suicide as well.

Keeping this problem in mind, I designed an iPad app that serves as an outlet for personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Helping new residents focus on understanding how their minds work and equipping them to make choices that will improve their overall mood will increase their ability to adapt.



The Live section allows users to either Sense or Reflect on their day. In Sense, users are able to record their emotions, where they went, who they saw, film and television they watched, photos they took, food and drink they tasted, music they listened to, and even smells they smelled. In Reflect, users are encouraged to write a daily short journal entry. Studies have shown that letting go of feelings in a physical way (such as journaling) helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


The Remember section contains two sub-categories: Journal and Preserve. The Journal sub-category is just that: a chronological journal in which users can view entries from previous days. Also included in these entries are everything the user recorded on that day, as well as photos they uploaded. In Preserve, users can choose to either have their journal emailed to them in PDF form or purchase a custom hardcover book containing all of their journal entries.


The final, probably most important section of the app is Analyze, which is broken down into Discover and Suggestions. The Discover section informs users of how many times they recorded specific activities and how often that activity had a positive or negative imp ace on their mood. The higher the entity on the list, the more positive the effect. The Suggestions section gives users recommendations based on elements that made them happy. For example, if the user had a positive emotion association with The Goonies, the app will suggest other movies that may impact this person’s mood in a positive way.

Spectrum Prototype

Spectrum Commemorative Book

Spectrum Process Journal